Zardokht is not just a sign It is a symbol that is tied to the originality and ancient civilization of the Persian land on the one hand, and on the other hand to the nature full of God's blessings.


In 2018, Zaratos Iranian Trading Company started its activities for the production and packaging of authentic Iranian tea, mixed teas and Iranian saffron with the aim of producing quality products with different packaging in Tehran. The touch of art in the packaging, along with the high quality of the products, is one of the unique features of this factory. All the products of this factory are organic and single-origin. It is hoped that Zardokht, with its different packaging, has taken an effective step towards the growth of the country's tea and saffron industry.

Considering that after water, tea is the most consumed drink in the world, it can be concluded that tea is one of the favorite drinks of people in many parts of the world regardless of any culture and nationality. Today, healthy life has become one of the main concerns of people's lives, that's why the organic nature of tea is one of the most important features that every tea fan looks for in order to enjoy the real taste of healthy tea. Tea grown in the north of Iran. Due to the climatic conditions, it is the most organic and healthiest tea in the world. From the past to the present, spices have played an important role in the flavoring and aroma of foods. Due to the countless properties that this valuable food item has, it is considered one of the most precious spices in the world and has a valuable place among people because it has all three pillars of aroma, taste and aroma as a seasoning


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